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I will send to you the file who has the 2 part of my assignment !!!

Please kindly follow what I need exactly please
1- writ my assignment simply I mean use a simple words when you start to write.

2- I’m an international student so if you need any information about my country SA to connect it with my assignment please make search
3- my major is Adult learning & training master degree
my bachelor degree was special education- learning difficulties
4-pleas finish my order on Sunday 2/1 please please I know I choose 7 days but the pries for two pages much so I am asking you to be more helpful because I will deal with you 16 weeks
5-The TABE profile power point was distoring the profiles so I loaded them directly without the power point.
Here is a key to understanding what you see.
M=Mastery or 100% of the questions asked answered correctly. P=Partial Matery or >50% of questions asked answered correctly. N=Non-mastery or <50% of the questions asked answered correctly.
Forms are E=easy, M=medium, D=difficult, A=advanced The form is given after the learner takes a short (6-12 question screening test). 9 or 10 refers to the form which is interchangable for pre or post test.
Scale score allows for comparisons across TABE levels and is not terribly helpful other than providing statistical data.
GLE=grade level equivilent or what might be expected if the learner were in a K-12 system. For example, in reading Ana has a GLE of 6.2 which very roughly equates to 6th grade and 2nd month into the school year.

6- I will send to you the excel document to understand what I need exactly.
7-my assignment has two parts please please make each part sap rate please please please

I will be grateful to you when you write the( two part )one page and half because the( part one) you can write it half page just.
please follow what I need please

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