Review the School Climate PowerPoint located in the School Climate module
Read article: Teaching With Style: The Integration of Teaching and Learning Styles in the Classroom Anthony F. Grasha, Psychology, University of Cincinnati (1995) (also pdf is in the dropbox folder)
Give an example and examine the practices of a teacher from children’s literature (e.g., The Magic School Bus) or popular culture who displayed each of Grasha’s teaching styles. You only need to focus on A TEACHER THAT is REPRESENTATIVE of A STYLE: Include in your responses:
The style the teacher portrayed
Examples of why you view the teacher as aligning him/herself to the style
Benefits of the style (in the story as well as in real-life)
Drawbacks of the style (in the story as well as in real-life)
How do each of Grasha’s styles impact School Climate? For more information about School Climate see,

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