Outbreak 101 Assignment
The World Health Organization, the CDC, the Joint Commission, and Institute for Medicine are just a few of our standard setting organizations that have created a call to action around infection in and outside the hospital. The evidence based research and best practices from these organizations have helped us make great strides in the overall healthcare of our population. For example:
The Center for Disease Control or CDC is an excellent source to check the viral vital signs of the world population. These vital signs include valuable information for the nursing profession from the zika virus, influenza, Ecoli and other contaminants found around the globe within our population, overall affecting our health.
A core part of the mission of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is to improve the safety of health care for all Americans. To support this mission, AHRQ has funded numerous projects to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), infections that patients acquire during the course of receiving treatment for other conditions within a health care setting.
HAIs are the most common complication of hospital care and are one of the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States, accounting for an estimated 1.7 million infections and 99,000 associated deaths in 2002. The financial burden attributable to these infections is estimated at $28 to $33 billion in excess health care costs each year.
Nurse Directed Interventions
1. Develop an educational PowerPoint assuming that you are educating other healthcare professionals.
2. You should identify and area of concern for your local community of Pensacola, Florida or hospital (suggestions below, but you are not limited to these options)
a. Healthcare: MRSA, VRE, CAUTI, VAP, SSI, C-Diff, Antibiotic stewardship, CLABSI, Hand washing, MDRO’s, and Sepsis
b. External: Zika virus, Flu, Tuberculosis, Enteroviruses, Legionnaires, Lyme Disease, Vaccination, Respiratory Protection, MERS, Swine Flu
Local community could be city, county, state, metropolitan area
Hospital could be individual unit (ER or ICU), nursing home, surgery center, etc.
3. Extent of the Problem or Cause
a. How do you know there is a problem? Supporting evidence to create cause for concern? Is it local to the organization, community, or globally.
b. Define the devastating effects of inadequate infection prevention and control.
4. Transmission
5. Suggested methods of prevention and control
6. How can members of the healthcare team minimize the risks of contamination or spread & improve patient safety and outcomes.
7. Conclusion
8. Utilize APA format.
a. Cite your reference as necessary through out the presentation and include a reference slide at the end of your presentation.

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