Present the topic to your staff that is 10 minutes or less in length. The goal is to create a presentation to stakeholders that ensures accurate and efficient transmission of data, information, and plans.
The presentation should consist of no more than 10–12 PowerPoint slides, which should include the following with speaker notes:
• Title slide.
• Develop a general overview about the use of standards in practice. Briefly describe:
o How validated data can identify gaps in practice.
o How to distinguish between invalidated and validated data.
o How ethical and legal practices contribute to quality outcomes.
o Why standards are important to follow.
o The value of theoretical frameworks or models used for nursing informatics.
• Provide a specific example to illustrate the use of standards in practice.
o Apply a theoretical framework or model in practice to this example.
o Analyze the specific regulatory bodies that apply to this example and how these standards contribute to quality outcomes.
o Evaluate ethical and legal practices that relate to this example.
o In the context of this example, analyze how the use of validated data can help to identify gaps in practice.

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