Imagine you’re the head veterinary technician working in a multidoctor veterinary practice. The practice owner is considering upgrading his or her outdated invoicing software and paper medical records, wanting to replace them with veterinary management software that can perform a wide variety of management functions.
Names of the two brands of software that you’ve chosen, and a brief description of each of them
Information about the companies who make the software
What are some benefits for a practice using a software program?
List office features and functions, as well as pros and cons of each software package—what does each program do, or not do?
How are technical support issues handled?
How is loss of data prevented in each type of program?
Is this a cloud- or server-based program? What hardware or software might be required?
Is training provided? In what ways?
Are laboratory and imaging results imported? Provide details on those that are compatible with the software program being discussed.
Interpersonal Communication
As a veterinary technician, you’ll be inundated with questions every day. These questions come from clients and coworkers. In order to handle these questions, it’s important that you be both a good listener and a good communicator.

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