Read Chapter 5, “Values, Ethics, and Character” in our textbook. As you read, reflect on how a leader can effectively influence an organization’s commitment to ethics, values, and moral behavior. In that chapter, the authors refer to the research of Rushworth Kidder, who identified four ethical dilemmas that are common to our personal and organizational experience, including three principles for resolving ethical dilemmas.( please see summary of chapter)
From the Spring 2017 issue of The DeVoe Report, (please see attachment) read the article by Dr. Mark Brooker and Dr. Jeffrey Boyce, “Virtuous Leaders & Organizations.”
Review the article Making Business Virtuous.
While the 2.4 Assessment is not required, you are encouraged to access the questions, engage with the material, and assess your knowledge about Virtuous Business before moving on to instructions 6–9. This exercise is an opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of this as well as future assignments.  As you complete this assessment, consider the following:
Would a virtuous leader question the morality of an existing or potential law?
Would a virtuous leader hire a lobbyist to delay or kill costly but morally and ethically appropriate legislation?
Would a virtuous leader violate virtuous principles, even if legal, when doing business in foreign countries?
How is Servant Leadership related to Virtuous Business?
Describe your personal experiences with one or more of the ethical dilemmas described by Kidder and how they were resolved or should have been resolved.
How can an ethical and values-driven corporate culture influence the effective outcome of ethical dilemmas, and what is the leader’s responsibility in developing that culture?
Provide at least two citations from the “Making Business Virtuous” white paper which support your explanation.
Your paper should be 400–500 words in length.
Use proper spelling, grammar, and APS style in your paper and for any sources cited

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