Choosing the seven sources for the Annotated Bibliography is important because you are going to spend considerable time reading, summarizing, and critiquing these sources. You might spend as much as eight hours to complete the assignment. You don’t want to choose sources that do not answer your questions or that do not address the issue at hand.

Be sure to use academic articles. For each source, you will provide the following information:

A summary of the source. Write paragraph or two that summarizes or paraphrases the main points and ideas of the article. Don’t just tell us what the article is about, but tell us what it says. Use specifics from the articles. Include details. Use the guidelines for writing summaries to help you do this and use your own words. Don’t quote the source; instead, write what it says in your own words.
A mini-critical analysis. What is the writer’s purpose in writing this article? (This question will allow you to assess whether or not you have enough different perspectives on the topic.) Who is the audience for this piece? Discuss the context in which this piece was written. In other words, how did where and when it was written affect what was said in the source.
A brief evaluation of the piece. Answer these questions: Who is the writer? How do you know the author is credible? How do you know that the author has the adequate information to write the article? How do you know the source is reliable? This is especially important for Internet sources.
A brief discussion of relevance. End each annotation with a brief discussion of how you will use this information in your research paper. Be specific. Discuss how it will answer the questions you have posed in your Research Proposal or discuss how it will help you to articulate your position or stance toward the topic in the final paper.


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