Human Computer Interaction Psychology Coursework Help

Human Computer Interaction Psychology Coursework Help
Please read attached file to answer these questions. I want all answers in FULL 5 pages (1375 words). Please, Please read attached file carefully and answer questions in detail. Each question does not have to 1 page long. If # 1 answer is half page and # 2 answer is 2 pages long, that is fine. But please do it all questions very detail. I do not need any reference since I attached the file. Do not use quote from the book. It is not allowed to use exact quote from the book. Please rewrite it your own words. Again, I want FULL 5 pages.
1) Appendix: Highlight the major developments(technologies, methodologies and disciplines) that HCI has undergone in its evolution though the past 30 years.
2) Sec.1-Our Changing World: Looking back over the past 20 years or so, describe some of the major changes in computing, living and society and the suggestions as to where we are going.
3) Sec.2-Transformations in Interaction: Describe the five main ways in which our interactions with computers will be transformed as we approach 2020 and the corresponding key questions that need to be addressed in the next 15 years as a result.
4) Sec.3-HCI: Looking Forward: Viewing Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) as a field of research and as a community of practitioners and designers, describe the fundamental changes that are suggested need to occur within the field and outline the proposed agenda for how the field can move forward by focusing on human values.
5) Sec.4-Recommendations: Provide a brief outline of the seven key recommendations.

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