Principles And Practices Of Management – Human Resource Management

The Human Factor In Enterprises

The individuals involved in an organization have needs and objectives that are especially important to them and which differ greatly from individual to individual:

1.    Individuals assume different roles

The employees are members of social systems of many organizations, e.g. they are members of families, schools, churches, citizens and consumers of goods and services.

2.    There is no average person

People act in different roles but they are also different themselves. There is no average person but yet in organizations rules, procedures, work schedules, safety standards and position descriptions, are made with an implicit assumption that people are alike. But individuals are unique, they have different needs, ambitions, skills, abilities, attitudes, aspirations, knowledge and capabilities. Managers must recognise the complexity and individuality of people in order to be able to manage them either through the process of staffing, leading or even motivating.

3.    Personal dignity is important

Although managing involves achieving enterprise objectives, the means used must never violate the dignity of people. People must be treated with respect no matter what their position is in the organization.

4.    The whole person must be considered

In talking about the nature of people the whole person must be considered, and not separate characteristics such as knowledge, attitudes or skills because each person has them but to different degrees. The human being is a total person influenced by external factors e.g. family, friends, peers, church, politics, etc. The effects of these factors cannot be divorced from the individual at the work place and therefore managers must recognize these factors and prepare to deal with them.

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