Please answer part 1 and 2 on different pages

Part 1
Answer one of the following questions. Make sure that you let us know which question you are answering.

1. Why do you think there are so many laws regarding sexual practice in our society?

2. Do you believe that we, as a society, feel more comfortable entertaining thoughts of violence or sex? Why?

Be prepared to discuss your understanding of sexual dysfunctions.

Part 2

Using recent journal articles found on the internet to support your response, answer any one of the following questions. Please cite your references.

1.Are there gender distinctions in the way the brain work in sex? What are they?
2.Are gender differences the result of hardwiring or are they culturally instilled?
3.What is the relationship between desire and permission? Is desire necessary for permission, or permission necessary for desire? What if someone is torn between

having desire but not permission-what recourse does she or he have?

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