1. Demonstrate a contemporary analysis as to how needs can be met within the context of a multiplicity of providers and the range of mental health disorders.
Introduction: identify a nursing issue/intervention. Give a definition and a brief over view, prevalence, problem/s with current services, what are the possible interventions
2. Develop knowledge and skills of the evidence–based interventions and the range of services provision designed to meet diverse needs and complex needs.
Critically discuss the evidence base for the nursing intervention
3. Discuss and demonstrate the ability to engage with service users and carers from a variety of cultural backgrounds during a mental health crisis
Discuss the role of families/carers in the delivery of care
OR the role of cultural factors in the delivery of care
4. Develop a critical understanding of the role of the individual, family and carers in developing service provision
Discuss the role of families/carers in the delivery of care
5. Critically appraise how services are developing to meet present and future needs within the socio-political framework
Critically discuss NICE guidance. Identify and critically evaluate current services and the need for future development

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