Name and describe the organization’s industry.
Describe the relevant Macro Environmental forces of the Industry.
Describe the major Driving Forces of the Industry.
Conduct a Porter’s Five Forces industry analysis. Summarize the industry impacts.
Identify and describe the Key Success Factors for the Industry.
Using a Strategic Group Map identify & discuss the major “players”, their strategies, and how the strategies differ.
Is the Industry attractive? Why and/or why not?
Conduct an in-depth financial analysis with regards to profitability, liquidity, and growth, and then provide an assessment of the overall health of the firm’s finances.
Using tools such as value chain and/or resource based view identify the competencies and skills the firm has that provide the organization with a competitive advantage and summarize their impacts (Be Specific).
Conduct a SWOT analysis on the company and describe its strategic relevance and summarize their impact.
Assess the strength of the company relative to the other Industry participants using a Competitive Strength Assessment (CSA) matrix. What conclusions can be made concerning the ability of the company to compete based upon your CSA matrix?
Identify the firm’s present mission. Does the existing mission fit with the market forces? What changes to the mission should be made?
Identify the firm’s present generic strategy. Does the present strategy fit with market forces? What supporting strategies do the firm use to compete? Has it been effective in establishing a sustainable advantage?
Based on the case study, what are the strategic issues the firm must address to be competitive?
What additional opportunities or threats have emerged for this company during the past year?
What strategic changes would you recommend to address the firm’s strategic issues?
Use the ten part implementation model to briefly describe the actions necessary to implement the recommended strategy or strategies?

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