Technically, this is not a practice class, but instead, a class that approaches theoretical concepts of helping from a social work perspective.  Still, it is important to think about how the theories you are learning about (or, in some cases, re-learning about, or learning more in-depth about) apply to today’s society and in the lives of today’s clients given the complexities of our globalizing high-tech environment.  It seems that today, problems and people (and their environments) are ever-growing in their complexity.  How are we then, as professional problem solvers, to approach our clients using the theories we learn in our class?
The discussion challenges you to answer this question.  Please address any of the following:
In thinking specifically about psycho-dynamic theory, and the psychoanalytic approaches to treatment, do you believe that the theories and techniques are still useful and relevant? How so?
Identify some problems that these treatments can address in modern society?  Are there specific techniques associated with the theory that have more relevance in these situations than other techniques?
Can you assert that psycho-dynamic theory is an evidence-based practice with continued relevance?  If so, in what cases?  If not, why not?

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