Well, the coursework assignment is about construction and structures of buildings. It’s about the materials. It needs to have a geothechnical report which suggests the the presence of uncontrolled fill and high concentration of sulfates in the soft clay slits and also to identify the inadequacies that may be a source of conscern to the structural robustness of foundations of a 6 storey building.
Has to have some annotated drawing that suggests suitable solutions to enthance the original foundation (TASK 1)
TASK 2 ( Based of the figure 2 of the is to allow for loading/unloading of goods by using heavy trucks using a scale of 1:50 produce a hand/autocad drawn elevation at the following points in loading bay. Drawing should be on A3.
(TASK 3)
For both task 1 and 2 must show evidence and depth of research by identifying relevant sources in support of solutions punctuated by a body of accurate citations based of harvard reference system.

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