Studying the natural sciences allows us to explore both the physical and biological aspects of the natural world as well as how those aspects affect us. As a
consumer and voter, you will be exposed to news stories that discuss scientific concepts as diverse as pharmaceuticals, environmental management, nanotechnology, and plastics. Because of the prevalence of natural science concepts in our daily lives, it is important to develop perspectives in the natural sciences and to have a basic understanding of natural science principles.
I. Describe the science topic discussed in your news story. Be detailed in your description, providing scientific background about the topic.
II. Identify the main idea  in the news story you selected. In other words, what is the key concept being expressed or examined in the news story?
III. Describe the evidence that supports the main idea of the news story. For example, if the main idea of your news story is that volcanoes can cause
massive amounts of damage, your supporting evidence should consist of examples of volcanoes and the damage they caused.

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