Essay Topic 1 (Individual Submission)
1. Select an organisation and a group of employees. This can be an organisation in which you have experience (as a worker or a client). These employees are expected to develop the knowledge, skills or attributes (think about the characteristics of the organisation and the group i.e. their role/s). Identify three methods used to train and develop these employees and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the methods and identify how they could be improved for training and developing employees.
Essay Topic 2 (Individual Submission)
2. Learning theories are important for understanding how learning occurs. Discuss the relevance of Kolb’s experimental learning theory and the importance of understanding learning styles for employees, line managers and learning and development specialists.
Assessment 2: will be a group presentation of either topic 1 or topic 2 related to the analysis of learning and talent development issues in the workplace worth 40% of the final mark.
Presentation Topic 1 (Group Submission)
1. Based on an organisation of your choice discuss the challenges of evaluating training and development courses.
Presentation Topic 2 (Group Submission)
2. Apprenticeships have been part of the VET system for many years, and offer the opportunity for workers to ‘learn and earn at the same time’. Provide an update of the Apprentice system and outline the advantages and disadvantages of apprenticeship systems for employers and employees.
All elements of assessment must be entirely your own work and must be completed and submitted on time. Penalties will apply to late submission. Please refer to separate Assignments information available in the Assignments section on Moodle.
Up to date information about what is happening in the module can be found on Moodle. Important learning resources will be made available there and you will be required to make regular contributions via Moodle. Make sure you are registered for the module and you must check the site daily as lecturers will use the site to communicate with you.

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