Write a 1750 word page paper on a topic related to the Odyssey. You should select your topic based on its literary value rather than for historical, social, or political values. In other words, this assignment involves an in-depth analysis of at least one source based on its literary merits. I would warn you against summary and biography. Rather, you should focus on things like theme, symbolism, characteristics of a period, etc.. If you had a particularly strong explication you may use this as a foundation for your paper, but you must develop it more fully.

You will find a set of articles listed in the Literary Analysis Assignment section of the course. You will receive the source information (Bibliography) in the same area. The source information will show you how to format your selected article on your Works Cited page of your paper. You must select, copy, and read one of the articles. You will need to write an analysis of the idea in the article for your paper.

For your Thesis Proposal you need to write a Thesis Statement (more than one sentence). You should be clear about what you will specifically argue in your paper. Next, you should write a 500-750 word summary of the academic source you selected. Summarize the most relevant ideas in regard to your thesis.Post to the Thesis Proposal Forum. (5pts)

Fort the First Draft of the Literary Analysis you should include 900+ words of your paper. The paragraphs should be consecutive, but they may be the beginning, middle, or end of your paper. Post to the First Draft of the Literary Analysis Forum. (5pts)

For your Literary Analysis you must bring some original ideas into your paper. You should also use the text as evidence. You will not be required to use additional sources, but ANY ADDITIONAL SOURCE YOU USE MUST BE APPROVED PRIOR TO USING IT IN YOUR PAPER. I will only authorize academic sources.

My focus in evaluating your paper will be to assess your general understanding of literature as illustrated by your reading and citation of appropriate passages from the text and your source. Your citation should support, but not comprise, your literary analysis (no more than 20% of your paper should be cited or paraphrased material).

Put some thought into how you will “frame” your analysis and try to use some creativity in your approach. I will evaluate you on the following criteria:

  • Rigor, logic, and originality of your readings
  • Understanding of the formal/literary issue(s) you examine
  • Clear identification of your main idea in your introduction
  • Appropriate and consistent organization
  • Well substantiated analysis with proper use of quotations and paraphrases from your texts and sources
  • Creative, precise, and appropriate vocabulary and prose style
  • Ability to deal with the text in a literary situation
  • Level of engagement with the text as literature.
  • Sophistication of style. (You must observe the essay writing guidelines from English 1301 and 1302)
  • Your paper MUST have a Works Cited page which includes all of the sources you use including your text book, and you must correctly use MLA citation format in the body of your paper and on the Works Cited portion of the paper.

Remember that you need to focus on the text(s) based on their literary characteristics.

You should have one prevailing thesis that you examine throughout the paper. You must stay focused on that topic. Considerable brainstorming and careful examination of the text(s) may suggest a thesis or theme for your paper.

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