Impact Evaluation And Accountability


Consult the background materials for this module and the relevant peer-reviewed literature and, after doing so address the following questions in a table:

Identify the measurable outcomes that would be representative of the SMART program objectives you identified in Module 1. If applicable, use my feedback to improve the objectives before identifying an outcome.

Do this by creating a table that shows the objectives in one column, and the corresponding outcome in the second column.

SLP Assignment Expectations
Length: Assignment should be between 3 to 4 pages (750-1000 words) in length.

Required Reading
Chatterji, M. (2008). Synthesizing evidence from impact evaluations in education to inform action. Educational Researcher, 37(1), 23-26. Available via Proquest.

Shipman, S. (2005). Program Evaluation: Improving Performance and accountability. Public Manager 34 (3), 53. Available via Proquest

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2013). Adolescent and school health-Program evaluation. Retrieved from

Maine State Legislature (2007). Office of Program Evaluation & Government Accountability (OPEGA). Retrieved from


Title: Impact Evaluation And Accountability
Length: 3 pages (750 Words)
Style: APA


Objective Outcome
Reduce tobacco use by adolescents
  • The findings that increasing the exposure of adolescent to the advertisement of smoking eventually led to the dramatic reduction of smoking among the adolescent.
  • The study further furnished comprehensive detail about the specificity and durability to the media campaign and the outcome shows that the minimal campaigns on smoking to the general reduction of tobacco by the youths.
  • The long data series of adolescents’ behavior of smoking linked the peer pressure to the habitual habits of smoking. Therefore, parents who played bigger responsibilities of up-bringing their adolescent children in appropriate set up tend to minimize the chances of exposing their children.

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