Section 1: An analysis of the company’s strategic position
Provide an overview of the company you have chosen.
Identify and apply 2 appropriate tools and techniques to analyse A) The internal environment of the company (using 1 tool) B) The external environment of the company (using1 tool)
This analysis of the company’s strategic position should include:
a)  Leadership and communication
b)  The company culture including its ethical and value base
c)  The company’s position in the sector
d)  A critical evaluation of the strengths and limitations of the tools
and techniques you have used
e)  The client needs
Following your analysis on the company’s strategic position, identify the main issues that you could advise the company to address.
NOTE: This section refers to Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3 and is worth 30 marks
Section 2: Recommendations to the organisation
Based on your analysis in Section 1, propose 3 recommendations for the company.
Ensure that each recommendation is clear, has appropriate detail, is justified and is feasible in this context.
Recommendations should refer to the leadership and communications strategy of the company, taking account of internal and external stakeholders.
NOTE: This section refers to Learning Outcomes 1,3 and 4 and is worth 15 marks
Section 3: Implementation of Recommendations
Based on Section 2, explain how the company would implement the recommendations put forward to support the changes in its strategic direction.
This section will include analysis of the following:
a)  Leadership styles – this must include reference to different leadership styles supported by theories, models and/or evidence.
b)  Communicating the vision to the key stakeholders
c)  Leadership strategy and the impact on organisational direction
This section considers the actions that should be taken by the company in order to achieve the recommendations that you have described above.
NOTE: This section refers to Learning Outcomes 3 and 4 and is worth 25 marks
Section 4: Critical Reflection
All students, particularly at postgraduate level, need to reflect critically on the learning experience during this module. You need to reflect on personal, interpersonal and professional competencies and consider how you might apply your learning and knowledge from this module to your own area of study and future career aspirations.
You need to select and use a model (e.g. Gibbs reflective cycle) to reflect on your learning experience on the CMI module. You can consider some of the following questions:
What leadership and management competencies are you more aware of?
What would you need change?
Are there professional frameworks for standards that you need to follow?
How would all this affect your future career management/leadership roles?
In what ways has engaging with this module brought about personal and professional change?
How would you address any potential gap through further development?
What would you seek to do differently/additionally in the future?

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