Incident Command System; Disaster Preparedness

During a recent disaster (Hurricane Anne) the Incident Commander informs you at the Emergency Operations Center that he needs extra medical supplies as soon as possible since the number of persons injured has risen faster than anticipated. Additionally, the IC informs you that it appears that there will be a significant shortage in drinking water, food, and temporary shelter. The heavy rains and possible flooding have made the use of tents rather dangerous.
1.Based on these limited facts, briefly state the decisions that the Incident Commander must make at this time to respond to the problems.
2.How would you prioritize the problems that you have been informed of by your staff?
3.Describe how you as Incident Commander would handle each problem within the context of the ICS and SEMS.
4.Do you believe that you would be better able to control and manage the disaster if the planning process were more effective? You may outline what steps you would take to ease the critical situation.

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