Incoome Tax

Incoome Tax


1. Which of the following can be deducted as an itemized deduction on am individual taxpayers tax returna. Medical expenses,

b. casualty losses,

c. Employee business expenses

d. None

e. All of the aboce

2. Frank celebrates his 65th birthday on January 1, 2015. Frank lives with his wife, Mary who is 66 years of age. Neither Frank nor Mary is blind. on their join tax return for 2014 Frank and Mary claim a standard deduction of

a. 13600 b. 12400 c. 14800 d. 15500 e. 13950

3. The minimum percentage of support that a member of a multiple support group must provide to claim the supported person as a dependent

a. 10% b. 15% c. 20% d. 25% e. none

4. Dorsey and Thelma Packard age 42 and 45 file a joint return, they claim Dorsey’s blind mother age 67 as a dependent the packards 2014 standard deduction is

a. $13600

b. $12400

c. 13950

d. 14800

e. 15500

5. Arthur and Mary Mitchell age 64 and 52 file a joint tax return Mary is legally blind. The Mitchells provided over half the support of their two unmarried children Larry and Tammy and Mary’s mother Alice Fisher. Larry and Tammy and Alice live with the Mitchells he entire year. Alice has no gross income. Larry age 25 is full time university student with $4400 of earned income.Tammy age 21 is a exemptions Arthur and Mary Mitchel can claim on 2014 joint tax return is

a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5 e. 6

6. Which of the following persons don not pass both the age and relationship tests for a qualifying child

a. the taxpayers 24 years old son who is a full time college student

b. the taxpayes 17 years old niece who is a senior in high school

c. the taxpayers 30 years old daughter who is permanently and tottaly disabled

d. none

e. all

7. Tammy agr 56 unmarried claims her elderly mother age 74 as a dependent. Tammy’s mother doesn not live with her but Tammy pays for almost all of the cost of maintaining her mother’s household. Tammy’s 2014 deduction is $

9100, 10650, 6200, 7750, 10300

8. Bobby unmarried age 66 maintains a household where his elderly father age 88 lives. Bobby cannot clam his father as dependent because his father does no pass the gross income test. Bobby’s 2014 deduction $

9100, 6200, 10650, 7750, 9300

9. A dependent’s only income for 2014 is $6000 of taxable wages $840 of taxable interest on a savings account the dependent’s 2014 taxable income is $

0, 840, 640, 290, 590

10. Toni claims her father as a dependent. The father is 80 years old. The father’s only source of gross income is some interest he earns from a savings account. The father’s gross income threshold for purposes of having to file a tax return for 2014 is $

2200, 2550, 10150, 1000, 7750


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