70 percent of the project has been completed.  Project 1, 2 , 3 has to be combined with the final project, revised and expanded upon, with some additions for the final project 4.  Project  template is provided, along with instructions and other documents to be used as references and information to help with the project.   
Need someone who can pay close attentions details and follow instructions thoroughly.
quick overview of project
The following is your Stage 4 Checklist: Include all stages in your final report
Stage 4:   System Recommendation and Final BA&SR Report
Stage 1
Stage 2 
Stage 3 
Stage 4 IV. System Recommendation
A. System Justification
-1 paragraph – description
-1 paragraph – solution aligns with achieving the strategy, improves the process, and meets the requirements
B. Implementation Areas
-Intro sentence
-Finish Implementation Areas
C. Summary and Conclusion
-1 paragraph
*Don’t forget Title Page and References Page. There should be  at least 8 references by the end of the final report.

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