“Inherit the Wind” Essay

Movie Summary on the Movie “Inherit the Wind”
Movies and films in general have been used to relay different kinds of information to different audiences in an attempt to ensure that people are able to get a certain message within which the producers and the makers of the film generally have in mind. It is a way of entertaining while at the same time, relay different kinds of information to the different people who might be in need of the same. It is not in line to indicate or assume the fact that a movie or film could be used for entertainment purposes only.

The film inherit the wind was a piece of rather ingenious creation of Stanley Krame who was the overall director of the film. He sought to look into the misfortune of a science teacher (Bert Cates) who was charged and subsequently convicted of teaching the theory of evolution as according to Charles Darwin in Hillsboro located in Tennessee. This film covers more than the entertainment part of which most of the films are to cover and provides for a scenario whereby there are differences that exist whereby the freedom to inquire is generally challenged with the dogmatic thoughts which were present at that time.

It goes on to accurately depict what used to happen during the early ages and time and subsequently look into the issues which dealt with the right to information and the subjects within which people were to teach and relay as information. In the film, the teacher is arrested while teaching in class and is subsequently convicted of the crime as the teaching on Darwin’s theory of evolution was not allowed.

One of the major themes noticed in the plot of the movie is the right to information. There is clear depiction that the information within which people were supposed to have was limited as people were only able to have part of the information which was seen to be appropriate. The teacher was not allowed to relay this information as it was seen to be inappropriate for the audience which comprised of students in a class of history.

The church, seen as the epicenter of the community was clearly unshaken when it came to the issue of which it considered the whole theory of evolution to be ungodly.

The state on the other hand did not consider it to be so and thus the reason as to why there was a tussle between the two with a presidential candidate and a founder of ACLU. This therefore raises another important question which dealt with morality and the law.

The church considered it to be immoral while the state was of a contrary opinion. Therefore while looking into the issue one would be forced to ask themselves whether what is morally accepted should just be the law or there should be some form of scrutiny done to establish what could amount to the law. The very nature of the fact that the church considered teaching of the theory to be immoral and did not want the children to be exposed to the same did not mean that the law necessarily advocated for the same. This was an issue which was considered to be quite weighty as different philosophers had different views on what constitutes law and whether what is generally accepted could be said to constitute law. Such were Aristotle who was a naturalist, Plato and others. The movie thus seeks to put into perspective the differing views which were present.

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