Investment Analysis of Global Economy

Investment Analysis of Global Economy
This is a research aimed to have an investment analysis of the global economy in order to determine 6 leading corporations to buy shares in.
First follow a top-down approach in analysis in order to find out the two strongest and most leading industries in the world. Then, choose a leading country in each industry and analyze its GPR and the triple P. Then, choose 3 firms in this country which are considered strong and major in this particular industry. Later, analyze each firm’s financial status in order to invest in its stock later on. They are three firms. One I will buy some of its stock and hold them ( passive management) . The other two I will buy shares in their stock and trade in them. The total number of firms will be 6. Three in each industry.
The research should not include tactical analysis.
My background in investment is in introductory level so I would prefer the research would not be too advanced
The top-down approach follow analysis of
Global economy then local economy then sector then industry and business when firms are chosen.

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