1. This question is about the Marketing research process (Figure 4.1 on page 101). The book is (Hunt: Marketing, 1e ).
by Shane Hunt John Mello BOOK
Please go to YouTube and watch some videos about the launch of iPhone6. Here is one of the videos:

You have been hired today as my Intern at Apple and as your first assignment I want you to outline ideas and a plan for iPhone7. I am asking you to help me for a meeting Thursday at 2 PM – because You are from ASU, younger, smarter more in tune with the cell phone market than me – you are a digital native (look up term if you do not know what that means). Please use Figure 4.1 as aguide to outline (briefly with bullet points) what is our plan for the iPhone7. Briefly explain some unique features and then use the Chart and Chapter 4 to come up with a game plan. Please base your suggestions on some research on the internet – i.e. – iPhone Blogs/YouTube videos critiquing the iPhone6 what is good/bad ( hint maybe the 7 should not bend), other comments in papers etc.. No suggestions are stupid – just support them with primary and secondary data! Be creative – (maybe your own mini-focus group)!

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