Is communication between teachers and parents efficient in a students engagement?


  • The Effect of Teacher–Family Communication on Student Engagement: Evidence From a Randomized Field Experiment

Research Questions:

  • How efficient do teachers communicate with the parents of their students?
  • Does this contribute to student engagement?

Experimental Design:

  • Field Experiment

Independent and Dependent Variables:

  • Independent Variable: Efficiency of communication amongst parents/teachers
  • Dependent Variable: Student Engagement


  • The more efficient that communication is amongst teachers and the parents of their students, the better the students performed.
  • This study relates to my experience online because there were times that I did not feel motivated to complete assignments. Although I kept up with my assignments and ended up doing good in my classes, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I did not do well. When the pandemic began, I was forced to move back home and I truly believe that if my professor reached out to my parents because I was not doing well, my parents would have disciplined me. There is a different response to situations when a parent shows effort in a students school experience and this experiment truly shows that.

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