Since the origin of time, space has fed the imagination of mankind. Visionary artists like Jules Verne, Stanley Kubrick or Herge were also able to illustrate that passion and give all of us the capacity to live unreachable adventures before the climax of the first landing on the Moon in July 1969.
Today, space is slowly opening up further and a new commercial era is starting with the possibility to offer private paying trips into space to selected few clients. Seeing the very expensive ticket price and limited space available, “Space tourism” remained so far a billionaire caprice full of challenges and the purpose of this research paper is to review the scope/offering available and understand the economic viability and potentiality of such a market, aiming to answer a simple question:
is space tourism today a sustainable business reality or an utopia ? Will our generation see a democratization of space tourism and will we be part of those tourists ?

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