Is Twitter the most appropriate networking platform to announce such serious health messages when announced by emergency physicians and personal narratives?

Title of Article: Emergency Physicians and Personal Narratives Improve the Perceived Effectiveness of COVID‐19 Public Health Recommendations on Social Media: A Randomized Experiment 

Research Question: How effective are public health messages on social platforms when posted by trusted officials?

Type of Experiment Design2×2 factorial design

Variables –

Independent Variable: The independent variable is the posts posted on Twitter to gauge reactions.

Dependent Variable: The dependent variable is the effect the post had on the public.

Summary and Comparision –

The study found that an emergency physician’s Twitter message of a personal narrative and advice towards the Covid-19 pandemic is more impactful on society than your average person’s Twitter message. Growing up in the information age and among the widespread daily use of the internet and its services, I have always had to ask myself if the information I’m reading online truly is valid. This is similar to my online education where I always check the sources of the article I am consuming just to be sure there is actual validity there. The same goes for this experiment. Every day people post about the Corona Virus but for too many of us, it is in one ear through the other. However, if we see the person who posted this has some authority and credibility in that field we take their message much more seriously.

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