Trial One


This is the first of two instructor-issued trials. This assignment requires you to apply reading and lecture material to this video. You are asked to think critically about what it means to perform gender and the consequences of adhering to gender/sex categories. Trials cannot be deferred or avoided. As you watch the video, please think about and answer the following questions:

  1. Gender Switch:

Hazumu has become a girl overnight and is negotiating her new life. How does the world treat Hazumu? Describe three different social groups (or specific events) and their treatment of her.

  1. “Doing” Gender:

Tomari declares she will teach Hazumu how to become a girl. What are the requirements shown in the video? Compare them to the expectations for women in the U.S. What expectations are there for men (in the U.S.)?

  1. Gendered Desire:

Two characters, Asuta and Tomari, are embattled with their romantic and sexual feelings for Hazumu. Why are their desires problematized? How are gender and sexuality assumed to be linked?

  1. Gender Identity:

Describe the differences in Hazumu’s understanding of her gender throughout the video. Does Hazumu believe gender defines who you are? Explain why or why not.

Format: All answers should be typed, 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced, in black ink. The pages should have one-inch margins (top, bottom, and sides). The first page should have your first and last name in the top left corner (no additional information is required), and all text should be left-aligned. Do not create extra space between your name and the beginning of the text. Each answer should be numbered and immediately followed by your text. Pages should be STAPLED together (not dog-eared, not paper-clipped). Emailed papers will not be accepted. Be as specific and descriptive as possible. Do not repeat the questions in your answers as filler. Link your answers to the readings and lecture material from class. There is no “page requirement,” however, you should understand that adequately discussing each question will take significantly more effort than just a few sentences. This format is not negotiable. Failing to adhere to these guidelines will significantly reduce the exp you receive so please, FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.

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