Who is a leader? Can anyone be or become a leader? These questions are on the agenda of most leadership schools which are so popular in our modern world. And what is interesting there’s no common answer. Many people will assure you there’s nothing difficult about becoming a leader, and somebody else will tell you it’s impossible. But who is right? There are so many leadership essay examples on the Internet that it does not seem difficult to find out the correct answer.

One of the most popular definitions is that leadership is a quality some people have which allows them to rule, influence and lead other people. This quality consists of a person’s charisma, power of thought, intellectual potential, organizational skills, and sense of responsibility.

Other leadership essays examples give a different definition: leadership is concrete knowledge of psychology and social interaction, with the help of which anyone can develop the ability to be a leader.

No matter what leadership essay examples may say, let us try to find out the answer ourselves. Have you ever seen someone ordinary leading a company or an organization? Or maybe you have seen someone who is leading a country, but has no charisma, no special skills. There is little doubt you’ll answer “no”. Unfortunately, there are so many people in our world who are in the top positions, who have influence and power, but nobody really sees a real leader in them. Perhaps being a leader simply means being in a position over other people?

Of course, to lead someone is to have the ability to make someone do what you want. But it does not mean that this “someone” has no other choice. A real leader is someone who is respected by other people and because of this respect is followed by them. This is the difference you have to keep in mind when reading different leadership essay examples. Not all of the leaders of companies, groups or states are leaders. Authority can be achieved in different ways, but only authority based on people’s respect – not fear or subordination – can help us to identify a person as a real leader.

As you may see, being a leader demands something special from a person – something which will make him or her special, stronger, and probably better than others. That’s why it’s not correct to think that any person can be a leader. Of course, to be a good one, you have to improve yourself, gain more and more knowledge and experience, but without the leadership potential you will never become a leader.

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