Literature on Transitions of Care

Literature on Transitions of Care
One aspect of leadership is staying current on the latest research in your field. Healthcare is no exception. For your Week 4 and Module 2 Assignments, you are researching the role of the nurse leader in improving transitions of care. An annotated bibliography will help you keep track of your research and how you may use various sources within your research.
For this Literature on Transitions of Care Discussion, you will share one of the articles you located. This is an opportunity for professional discourse on the literature and sharing of ideas with colleagues.
To prepare:
Select one of the articles you are using in your annotated bibliography this week.
By Day 3 of Week 4 (Post First)
Provide the citation and a brief summary of the article you selected. Explain what you learned about transitions of care and what area of the continuum of care you plan to address in your Module 2 Assignment.
Be sure to attach a PDF of your article or provide the library permalink so that your colleagues can fully review your article Literature on Transitions of Care.

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