Manage Meetings Assessment one Essay Help Online

Manage Meetings   Assessment one Essay Help Online

BSBADM502 Manage Meetings

 Assessment one

 Students: Write your answers to the following questions and bring them to college or send them to

  1. What purposes do meetings fulfill – review the useful task and functions meetings can serve?  Which tasks and issues do meeting leaders need to be most aware of when planning and running a meeting?
  2. List and explain ‘seven tasks meeting leaders can do in order to lead a productive meeting.
  3. What are the main responsibilities of meeting participants? How does honoring these responsibilities help a meeting succeed and how does failing to honor them constrain a meeting’s success?
  4. Briefly explain ‘agendas’ and ‘minutes’ and discuss whether it is preferable to have them for all meetings.
  5. Prepare and attach an agenda for a meeting that you will be chairing in the next few weeks.  Please include:
  • Meeting arrangements i.e. purpose of the meeting, time, date and venue.
  • Agenda items and issues to be discussed.
  • How will you match the style and structure of the meeting to its purpose?
  • Methods used to notify members and in what timeline.


Keep a copy of this agenda so that you can refer to it when giving your presentation.

  1. What is the role of the Chair?   Explain what a Chair does.
  2. List and discuss at least 4 roles people play in meetings.
  1. Draft a simple policy statement outlining organizational meeting structure, chairing and minute taking requirements as appropriate to the purpose of the meeting.


  1. Outline the difference between formal and informal meetings?


  1. Discuss the storage methods (electronic and hard copy) used for meeting minutes, reports and associated documentation?


  1. What role does ‘cultural diversity’ play when communicating with groups and people with diverse backgrounds & abilities?


  1. List the relevant forms of Legislation & Statutory requirements that may affect organizations during business meetings? What are some of the legal and ethical responsibilities to consider when hosting business meetings?


  1. Outline relevant O H & S issues to be aware of and to ensure participant safety when conducting successful meetings?


  1. Explain the importance of encouraging open communication styles and feedback when conducting meetings? Are sound listening skills important too?


  1. Discuss why ‘problem solving’ skills play a key role when working with groups to ensure successful meeting outcomes.
  2. Explain the process and steps for creating an action plan as a result of your meeting?



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