Assignment Question :

In your role as a member of a small business advisory panel which is tasked to give support to small business start-ups, you are required to give an evening Powerpoint

presentation to a group of first time intending business entrepreneurs.

1. The title

2. The Agenda slide/ Table of Content

3. Why New business start-ups fail
Supporting Content (800 words) [20 marks]

4. The Importance of a Sound Business Model
Supporting Content (1500 words) [35 marks]

5. The Managerial Skills Required over the first 2 years of business to achieve break-even business volumes
Supporting Content (1500 words) [35 marks]

7. Sources of Evidence from the literature and the local market context
(200 words) [10 marks]

Presentation Requirements :

The discussion paper should be presented in a report format which should not exceed 4000 words, excluding words in charts, tables and the appendixes.

Your sources of evidence, together with the referencing of selected literature should comply with the conventions of the Harvard system.

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