Assignment Back-ground.

Hype Ltd produces four types of clothes with the use of a special machine. Each labor hour in the special machine costs £10. For the production of the four products the company has 6,800 special machine labor hours. There will be no shortage of any other factor of production. Costings and break-even quantities for the products are as follows:

Products A (Jeans) B (Shirts) C (Jackets) D (Coats)
Material cost per unit £20 £30 £60 £100
Special machine labor hours per unit 0.25 0.5 0.4 0.55
Fixed costs £40,000 £50,000 £70,000 £120,000
BEP (break-even point) quantity 1,000 1,500 1,400 2,100

For each type of product the management of the firm aims at the following targeted profit levels:

Product Target Profit
A £100,000
B £120,000
C £150,000
D £200,000

However, the marketing department has conducted a consumer survey and estimated that the actual demand for the products will be different from that corresponding to the targeted profits. The estimated quantity demanded for each product is given in the table below:

Product Estimated Quantity Demanded
A 3,200
B 3,600
C 4,300
D 5,300


  1. Calculate the volume of activity that the company will have to achieve in order to meet the targeted level of profit for each one of the four products.
  2. Calculate the optimal production each of for the four products by taking into account the available labor hours and the estimates of the marketing department.
  3. Propose ways that could help the company to solve the problem of special machine time shortage (around 300 words).



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Please describe the leadership strengths & relevant leadership facts for the 4 leaders.  Address these two questions:

(1)What did this leader accomplish (according to our text)?  What makes this leader historically relevant to the study of leadership?

(2)What would Kouzes and Posner say are the strengths of this leader, with respect to their 10 Commitments of Exemplary Leadership?

The ten commitments of exemplary leadership

  1. Clarify value by finding your voice and affirming shared values.
  2. Set the example by aligning the actions with share values
  3. Envision the future by imagining exciting and ennobling possibilities
  4. Enlist others in a common vision by appealing to share aspiration.
  5. Search for opportunities by seizing the initiative and looking outward for innovative way to improve.
  6. Experiment and take risks by constantly generating small wins and learning from experience.
  7. Foster collaborative by building trust and facilitating relationships.
  8. Strengthen others by increasing self-determination and developing competence.
  9. Recognize contribution by showing appreciation for individual excellence.
  10. Celebrate the values and victories by creating a spirit of community


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Project instructions:

Time Period : 2000- Current
Industry Analysis (porters five forces)
Positioning Analysis and tradeoffs
Complementarities and Fit
Activity System and Interaction between the sub-systems
Competitive Advantage Analysis (source, reason, rational)
Conclusion and some insights of key managerial decisions.


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1.Explain how symbolic interaction is the engine and the catalyst for  culture. (In less than 150 words)

2.Summarize the essential points made in Discussion in the debate over the difference between manager and leader. (Less than 150 words)

Outline this discussion, mentioning names of participants on either side. Then give your own opinion (in no more than 5 sentences).

3.How are pattern making and a habit of going beyond looking to seeing make a good deal of sense. (Less than 50 words – two + paragraphs)

4.Northouse lists several different styles of leadership in the first chapters. List these; select the one that you think has the most use in the majority of situations; then, select the one that you are most likely to use and the one you are least likely to use.(50 words)

5.The Enron Debacle was one of the most memorable examples of a set of relationships in the leadership of a corporation resulting in serious hurt for all involved. Write a 200-word essay on what the Enron experience tells managers the advice that they really need. Generally, what is the advice that comes out of the Enron narrative?

Here are some quotations, along with your research and your own analysis that are meant to help you in the writing of your essay:

  • “It was easy to get people to do deals, if you pay them up front.” (p. 181 of Maclean, B The Smartest Guys in the Room,. (2004)
  • (Skillings) had never let go of the consultant’s conceit that the idea was all and the idea, therefore, should be the thing that was rewarded.” (McClean, B., (2004) p.39.
  • “Skilling also had a tendency to oversimplify, and he largely disregarded – indeed, he had an active distaste for the messy details in the executing of a plan. What thrilled Skilling was the intellectual purity of an idea, not the translation of that idea into reality.” (McClean, B.,(2004) p.28
  • “Whatever the cost, Ken Lay made sure the family vacations were peaceful and that both wives had whatever they needed. Lay’s efforts to keep his bourgeoning family happy and give them lots of money were to become the template for his management style at Enron. (Bryce, Robert, Pipe Dreams, (2002) p.30.
  • Better still, the answer to why Enron failed could be boiled down to one word – a word that the business development people gurus love to spout off about. It’s a word that consultants and authors charge a $1,000 a day to discuss with management. It’s an expensive word, a word that has defined civilizations – and companies – for generations. It was the culture, stupid. (Bryce, R., (2002) p. 12.

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Answer each of the following questions in 2-3 paragraphs.

  1. How is Othello relevant to us today? Discuss, making specific references to the play. Avoid referencing universal themes like love, jealousy, and evil.
  2. Discuss the narrative strategies Salih uses to represent Mustafa Sa’eed in Season of Migration. Why do you think he departs from a straightforward, realistic representation of his protagonist? Relate your response to the novel’s post-colonial context.

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The motion picture industry is a competitive business. More than 50 studios produce a total of 300 to 400 new motion pictures each year, and the financial success of each motion picture seems to vary considerably. The opening weekend gross sales, the total gross sales, the number of theaters the movie was shown in, and the number of weeks the motion picture was in the top 60 for gross sales are common variables used to measure the success of a motion picture. Data collected for a sample of 100 motion pictures produced in 2005 are contained in the Excel file named Movies.xlsx attached.


Consider the questions below from a non-technical point of view. That is, you don’t have to perform regression analyses or do any fancy statistics. What are your opinions and experiences? Have some fun!

  1. What are the top factors that influence a movie’s opening weekend sales? Try sorting the data in descending order of “Opening Gross” and exploring. Do these results match what your experience tells you?
  2. Skim through the list of movies. Have you seen any of them? If so, which ones did you like and why? Which ones did you not like and why? Do your preferences seem to match those of the general public (based on number of weeks in top 60)? [Yeah, I know that you were, like, 10 years old when these movies came out…]
  3. Are Opening Gross numbers always a good predictor of Total Gross? What factors might affect the relationship between Opening Gross and Total Gross?
  4. What kinds of movies are shown in many theaters? What kinds of movies are shown only in a few theaters? Why might a movie studio produce movies intended only for select theaters?

Rather than provide brief answers to all of the above questions, Pick two and digging deeper. Also respond to the post below, agree or disagree (discussion board).

Student post:

3.) No opening gross numbers for a movie are not always good predictors of total gross profit. The reason for this could be that not much is known about this movie and after a few people start seeing it and like it they can spread the word to their friends. A good example of this in our data is the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. During the opening weekend this movie made only $0.68 million. For total gross profit this movie ended up doing much better pulling in $56.07 million. My reasoning for this is that people were going off of recommendations of others whether it is friends, celebrities or critics who probably raved about this movie which got others to watch it.

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You are required to conduct research into a named organisation that offers a product, a service or both. To meet the objectives of this assignment you will need to gain access to an operation and collect information and data that will assist in addressing the following tasks:


  1. How well does the operation perform across each of the five performance objectives (that the operation might attempt to achieve)? You should explain your findings by analysing your field data (primary research findings) using appropriate academic theory, tools or models to justify your conclusions.


  1. What capacity strategy do they currently use? You should help support this answer by identifying the current demand patterns of customers/users as well as the looking at the level of the various capacity constraints of the organisation. (Numerical/graphic analysis will therefore be beneficial in this section and, if done well, should be rewarded).


  1. Based on the findings of Part B, which capacity strategy would you recommend and why? Compare this to the capacity strategy that they currently follow. What recommendations would you make?

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the main topics that must be included in this assignment are:

–     Project management

–     Request for Tender (RFT)

–     General Conditions of Contract (GCC)


Some additional information under the above 3 main topics are given below:


Project Management


–     For additional information follow the textbook on Project Management which


–     Give a background to the project. Why is the project being carried out?

Assume you are a consultant to a client.

–     Do a SWOT analysis . Does the SWOT analysis show that it is a feasible project for your client undertake?

–     Give a financial analysis. What is the cost of the project? You need to work this out.



Request for Tender (RFT):

–     Assume that you are representing (as a consultant or employee) the project proponent (a government or private organization)

–     Follow the lecture materials of Week 10.

–     This section must include all the documents that will be part of the RFT and must be prepared specific to your project.



–     Need to identify one General Conditions of Contract such as AS4000, Hunter

Council’s GCC or similar.

–     Develop Annexures I and II, which will be specific to your project.

–     Develop a Statutory Declaration to tie all of the above items together.

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find 2 or 3 cases that has to do with discrimination among the banking industry and write one page proposal about it including the sources you find

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Mgmt 3610 Assignment #1- Organizational Behavior & HR Topics Report


#1- Sign up for a chapter due date and presentation date.

#2- Select a topic from the topic list for your chapter [see below].

#3- Identify an article on this HR topic which was published within the last 2-3 years in a business publication, newspaper or periodical, e.g. Bloomberg Business Week, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, etc… Publications from other disciplines, such as psychology, health care, engineering, and public administration, are acceptable. The article must be published, it cannot be an article posted onto a blog or personal website.  Generally, an article is appropriate if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • The HR topic word(s) appear within the article’s title
  • The HR topic word(s) appear within the abstract of the article
  • The HR topic word(s) is one of the key words for the article

#4-Prepare your report in the following manner:

  1. In the first paragraph, define the topic and discuss the textbook definition. Discuss the article’s definition of the topic [5]
  2. Part I: General questions: Prepare two to three paragraphs to answer the following:
    1. Summarize the main ideas of the article. [8]
    2. Discuss who might benefit from this information, why and how (e.g. a recent college graduate, a new supervisor, a seasoned executive, etc…).[3]
    3. Discuss whether the article supports the textbook’s discussion of this topic. Provide specific references as to how the article does/does not support. [5]
  3. **** Part II: Chapter-specific Questions. Prepare two to four paragraphs to answer the question(s) listed for your chapter, see pages 3-4 of this handout. [24]




  • Chapter: Selection and Placement
Employee selection Assessment center Work sample testing
Organization-based fit Situational interview Structured interview
Personality testing Job-based fit Behavioral interview
Integrity testing Cognitive ability testing Multiple hurdles approach


Step # 4 – Linking your topic to theories and key concepts  –

The final step in your assignment is to link your article topic to key chapter concepts (one to two pages minimum).  Part I: Answer the General Questions listed on page 1 of this handout.  Part II: Answer the instructions for your chapter (see below).  Be sure to explain and support your answers.

Chapter: Selection & Placement–

For this chapter, select two of the “Five Evaluation Selection Method Standards” for judging the effectiveness of a selection method and evaluate the HR practice(s) discussed in your article according to these dimensions (i.e. is this method, reliable, valid, useful…?)


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