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Practitioner –
This assignment requires you to answer the following question. Your assignment must be
approximately 3000 words in length.

Question 1

You have been asked by your Head of Procurement to review your supplier selection process, and
he wants your recommendations on how it can be improved.

The assignment is to write a report on the review.

Using the process of risk analysis and management as a framework, identify a range of risks in the
CUl’l’el’l’E syaem, and make recommendations on whidn are the priority, and how they can be
reduced. [50 marks]

J.ist after you were given thistask, your organisation announces a major initiative to significantly
enhance its reputation for sustainability. The Head of Procurement does not know much about
how procurement can influence this, but he dropped you a short email asking that you make sure
your review advises him on “…selecting sustainable suppliers whatever that means” [10 marks]
Aswell asincluding a consideration of sustainability in seledion in the report, you should also
include a brief for the Head of Procurement on sustainable procurement [20%], along with
recommendations into other changes that could be made to develop sustainable procurement
processes across the full procurement cycle [20%]

The marking for this assignment will be in line with the general ClPSO3rporate Award marking
guidance, with credit given for structure, oonclusionsand recommendations.

[s£i:.Jl.+nj d”s’€ a as (seer
Completing this assignment successfully will mean that you have demonstrated that yot
1. Been able to document and critically assess your own organisations prooes for selecting
2. Carried out a structured and thorough risk analysis of the selection process
3. Identified a range of risks and identified the highest priority risks and opportunities relating
to your supplier selection prooem
4. Reviewed your organisation’s approach to sustainable procurement using a risk analysis
5. Identified a range of risks and identified the highest priority risks and opportunities relating
to your approach to sustainable procurement.

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