You have been appointed as a Marketing Consultant for A Business Consultants Ltd.  In this role you have been asked to produce a report for a company that wishes to launch a new product or service in a different market.

You are to choose one market and country from the following list for your assignment:

Please note that every student is to select a unique combination of market and country which should be agreed with the Module Leader before you start the assignment.


Market Country
Shampoo, conditioners and treatments Australia
Facial skincare Brazil
OTC painkillers and cold and flu remedies China
Soap, bath and shower products Germany
Crisps and salty snacks Mexico
Cakes and cake bars United States
Household Polishes and Specialist Cleaners Turkey


White spirits and RTDs Russia


Task 1

Provide an explanation of how marketing theories and concepts have changed over the last 60 years and why the current thinking in marketing is more appropriate to the environment in which your chosen brand finds itself today.

Marking Guide for Task 1

Description Learning Outcome covered Maximum mark %
Students must identify the changes that have taken place in the business philosophies over time from the production philosophy to the marketing philosophy 1 20
Students must identify how marketing theory has changed from the early days with the development of the 4ps model to more recent theory and concepts in terms of customer value.


1 20
Answers must be linked to and discuss how this theory is applicable to the company they have chosen and the environment that company is working in. 1 10




Task 2

Undertake an analysis of the market that the company wishes to operate in and produce an audit of the macro and micro environments affecting the company using the theories and concepts discussed in the module.

Marking Guide for Task 2

The analysis of the market will include the following;

Description Learning Outcomes covered Maximum mark %
An analysis of the macro- and micro-environment trends for the market into which the company intends to launch its new product/service 2, 3, 4 20
An analysis of the customers and competitors of the company in the market into which the company intends to launch its new product/service 2, 3, 4 20


Using the results of the analysis of the market produce the following:

Description Learning Outcomes covered Maximum mark %
A SWOT for the company

A breakdown of the segments in the market

Identification of the target segment for the new product/service

2, 3, 4 10


Students will use the theories and models discussed in the lectures to analyse the market These will include STEEPLE, Marketing Intelligence system, Porter’s five forces model, customer value theory, buyer behaviour theory, segmentation and targeting theory, SWOT analysis theory.


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(Business to Consumer) B2C

Our proposal  for new product is a ((liquid /spray)) that we can use for waste food to change it to something useful such as organic fertilizer, useful for farmers to strengthening of soil at the lower cost, also will be Great for the environment. Provides manure for fertilizer natural alternatives, rather than using Chemicals

Each points in section ( D ) must be mentioned AND included in your writing proposal:  such as brief budget,indicate timescales up 12 months,control and management of the marketing briefly discussed, etc

Part D: Management and Control (approximately 10%)

The Plan should include a brief budget and indicate timescales (GANTT Chart) up to 12 months, together with other relevant information, i.e. details of any appropriate legislation / mandatory approvals, such as compliance with the Food Standards Agency / packaging requirements

The control and management of the marketing program should be also briefly discussed.

How the various elements of the plan relate to each other, and the consistency between them and the budget forecast will also influence your grade.

Should be linked with part (C) and Continue with part (D).

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