For this essay you are to reflect on the strategies for assessing your effectiveness as an adult educator your resources talked about. You are also to draw on your own research in order to identify additional ways to improve your practice and support your professional development in order to complete this essay.

To begin, review Stephen Brookfield’s 15 maxims from the Skillful Teacher). Consider those that stand out as most relevant and/or valuable for you in supporting your effectiveness as an adult educator. Also, draw on the Optional Resources to help you research professional development information. Look for general resources as well as those related to your specific field. In particular, note resources that speak to emerging trends in adult education.

Afterwards you are to write about the three maxims that stood out to you and why.

You are also to write at least three strategies, or techniques from your resources that will support you in following these maxims

You are also to recommend at least one professional development resource and summarize what it offers.

You must used the attach references, and Website: AE Pro Online Professional Development. (n.d.). Retrieved November 22, 2011, from The link is

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