MBA In Healthcare Administration (Subject: strategic Management)

Of course, our main topic is strategy. As we approach the end of the semester, it is important to let the strategic concepts sink in. Yesterday, we discussed the importance of improving the quality of products and giving customers the benefits they want.

The Tesla discussion was very interesting. They appear to be falling from their pedestal. One headline says Musk’s wealth has fallen $60 billion in two months as Tesla’s stock drops 35%. In our discussion, we covered the STRATEGIC reasons for Tesla’s recent stumbles. This is worthy of COMMENT (from you!).

In addition, with our focus on strategy, we have not said much about leadership style – an important business concept. It appears that Governor Cuomo of New York is in big trouble. He might resign or be impeached. Our focus in this class is not politics, but leadership style is interesting.

Governor Cuomo is in his third term. In the last election, he earned nearly 60% of the vote. What leadership traits have made him successful? And, what leadership traits have led to his possible fall?

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