Mental health Case Study Help Online

Mental health Case Study Help Online
Occupational therapists work with individual consumers to collaboratively identify the unique impacts of
mental ill health, set goals and plan interventions. In doing this they need to adhere to the principles of
mental health practice (recovery oriented, person centred, occupation focused and evidence based). A key
competency is developing an intervention plan that adheres to these principles.
This assessment task will support your development of this competency through you:
1. Applying the Integrating Theory, Evidence and Action (ITEA) method to a selected intervention and
evaluating the degree to which it meets these principles for Ben.
2. Developing an intervention plan for Ben that demonstrates your:
a. Understanding of the intervention and ability to utilise it to meet Ben’s identified need
b. Ability to adhere to the four principles of mental health practice in providing intervention
3. Completing a learning contract that will guide your learning in relation to the selected intervention.
This case study report has two parts:
1. A 1000 word evidence statement following the ITEA Method (Hitch, Pepin & Stagnitti, 2014) that critiques
the available evidence for your selected intervention in terms of its consistency with the four guiding
principles (recovery-oriented, person-centred, occupation-focused, evidence-based) using the Model of
Human Occupation as the occupationally focused theory.
2. A 600 word intervention plan that demonstrates how you would apply your selected intervention with Ben.
This should be informed by your evidence statement above and demonstrate adherence to the four
guiding principles.
Your report should meet professional standards. That is, it should be well structured, clearly articulated in
professional language and free from spelling, grammatical, punctuation and referencing errors. An
occupational therapist should be able to read your report and implement the intervention plan as you
That is the question

i will attach the case study and the first part of this assignment

you need to use the first part of the assignment to understand this part

please only use occupational therapy references

please use the attached resources i attach to understand more

please read the attachment calle criteria to know what is needed the case study will be saved as case study-ben

there are references at the end of the tutorial documents that i will also upload

cognitive re-mediation is the form of intervention chosen as you will read in the attached first part of the assignment

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