Assignment 3—Case study

For this assignment each student will choose one of the three (3) case studies provided in the Assessment: information and resources folder found on the FLO topic site.

1-   Tania – eating disorder

Develop an essay focusing on the chosen case study.

You are required to address all three discussion points in relation to the chosen case study.

Required discussion point for the essay

These following three (3) points are to be clearly addressed and linked to the chosen case study.

  • A comprehensive understanding of mental health, mental illness and the principles of recovery.
  • The nexus between mental health with physical health.
  • Recognising and responding to the mental health needs of the identified person, i.e. our essay must include implications for practice for you as a health professional.

Discussion themes

Below is a list of 10 possible areas to help guide the essay development. You will need to identify, explore and critically analyse a maximum of three of the following themes to add depth to the essay. Each theme must be linked to the above discussion points and the chosen case study.

1    Discuss the common presentations of the mental illness related to the case study and the stigma or attitudes that can impact on care.

2    Discuss the process and significance of a mental health assessment and possible findings from the case study for the purpose of treatment and recovery.

3    Discuss the required interventions and management of the mental, physical social and cultural issues for the chosen case study.

4    Discuss the quality of life effects for the person in the case study and their carers within a recovery framework.

5    Discuss specific issues relating to the case study, e.g. safety issues, multidisciplinary involvement, consumer and carer education and community resources.

6    Discuss likely outcomes and best practice recommendations for managing the care of the person experiencing mental illness. In the chosen case study.

7    Discuss contemporary issues in providing care such as access to services, consumer and carer perspectives, indigenous mental health.

8    Discuss the use of communication strategies and other therapeutic modalities in stabilising a therapeutic relationship with the person in the chosen case study.

9    Discuss the responsibilities of registered nurses to the person in the case study experiencing mental illness.

10  Discuss the resources and barriers that may impact on service delivery for the chosen case study.

Ensure all arguments and opinions are supported by relevant literature. Referencing and in-text referencing is expected from all students.

*please note that all of the articles that you are going to choose need to be peer reviewed. So kindly consider that carefully during chosen articles.

* You need to answer all of the questions above, so please be aware of that.

* if you have any questions regarding this assignment, please contact with me at

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