My surface and issey miyaki Art Research Paper

My surface and issey miyaki Art Research Paper
This is the project I have done:
For Studio 2 Bridge project 3, professor Ian requires us to do the process of our investigation into surfaces and finally select from 10 surfaces into 1 surface. Then using the surface to do something like a functional installation. My surfaces that I have chosen was mostly about leather material, because I think leather is just a word limit all the differences of leathers. And also the other reason I chose leather was that leather has more disadvantages than its advantages, for example, leather is not breathable, and leather is flexible and lightproof. Even though the disadvantages of leather is quite more than its advantage, I still want to challenge myself to let it transform to something different than bags, jackets, accessories. After that I kind of want to make its function more useful, so I think of using the solar energy that absorb the energy to a light bulb in the day time, then it releases the energy to the light bulb during the night time. Therefore, when the bulb lights inside of the lamp case, there will be some different shadows shoot on the wall.
The research paper is about the surface I chose, research any designer/ artist/ architect,etc, who is using the surface I original or interesting ways. My researching designer is Issey Miyaki, because his paper lamp is kind of related with my project. try to investigate”WHY” this artist has chosen this surface, and also investigate whether he is the first person to do this, or there are others, and so forth.

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