need to create a nursing care plan for the below case study using Martha Rogers’ Theory

Example in nursing care plan: • Ritu 22 years old female was admitted in psychiatric hospital with severe depression secondary to diagnosis of ovarian malignancy. She became tearfull while history taking. Ritu was accompanied by her husband and 1 year old child. Her husband appear anxious but supportive. Ritu was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 2 month ago and underwent surgery for same. From past three week ritu started sitting alone, decreased activity of daily living, repeated crying spells, decreased talk, decreased sleep, neglecting her child care, and also attempted suicide.

Clinical practice • Nursing action is always focused on unitary human being and change the energy field between human and environment. • Nursing action include all non-invasive actions such as guided imaginary, humor, therapeutic touch, music etc. which are used to increase the potential of human field. • The more importance should be on the management of pain, supportive therapy and rehabilitation.

Nursing education • Emphasis should be given on the understanding of the patient and self, energy field and environment. • Example : Training should lay more focus on teaching non-invasive modalities such as therapeutic touch, meditation, humor, regular in service education programme etc.

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