NPRO 2100 Professional Nursing Activities Reflection

Why did I pick this?

I chose these professional activities for many reasons. First, professional activities are critical in the nursing field. Second, professional activities will require me to utilize and gain extensive knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to nursing. Lastly, the professional activities
were easily accessible during this challenging time and free of cost.

What did I learn?

Susan Kraus Career Services Expertise on Resume/Interview (1.5 hours)

The student senate meeting with Susan Kraus was very informative. She provided strategic ways to land a job in nursing as a new graduate. Since then, I have reconstructed my resume and feel more confident with it. I also am more aware of how to present myself when it
comes to interviews. I am thankful to have the opportunity to attend this service provided by SNA.

Beyond the Basics: ECG Rhythms and Dysrhythmias (1 hour)

This professional activity provided by Professor Carol Amis was very instructive. It helped reinforce my learning of the material learned in class. The activity taught me how to accurately identify diagnoses specific to the rhythm disorders, including normal and abnormal
ECG findings. This material is challenging to learn and takes a lot of practice and exposure. The opportunity for this professional activity is very advantageous.

Fairview – 2020 Drug Abuse and Diversion in the Workplace (15 mins)

In this professional activity offered by Fairview, I learned to recognize the signs and symptoms of diversion and how/when to report suspicions of diversion. Drug abuse and diversion in the workplace are critical because of the high risks of drug abuse associated with health care professionals.

Fairview – 2020 Mandatory Trauma Patient Care (15 mins)

In this professional activity, I learned the different levels of trauma per hospital. At the University of Minnesota Medical Center East Bank, we are considered a Level II trauma. There are specific assessments, and appropriate interventions are in place for injuries identified to
ensure adequate care.

Fairview – Essentials of Nursing QI, EBP, & Research (5 mins)

I learned Fairview’s guidelines and standards in quality improvement, evidence-based practices, and research in this professional activity. I am thankful to have taken to course, as it gave me insight into how Fairview is determined and dedicated to improving patient outcomes
and providing the best standards of care.

Fairview – Comprehensive Opioid Training (2 hours)

In this professional activity, I learned the best practices in how providers prescribe opioids and controlled substances to patients. The training discussed in detail the differences between prescribing for acute pain versus chronic pain. I found it interesting how the two differs and how important it is to prevent opioid abuse. Nurses need to integrate non-pharmacological interventions to address pain management with patients.

Fairview – Culture Religious Practices in Somali Muslim Patients (15 mins)

In this professional activity, Sharif Mohamed, the Chaplin (Imam) in Spiritual Health Services at Fairview, discusses Islam’s culture and where it intersects in healthcare. This includes prayer, Wudu-Ablution before prayer, dietary restrictions of no pork and no gel prescriptions, fasting during Ramadan, modesty, and importance of end of life care. I enjoy learning about new cultures. It provides a different perspective on the person’s values and beliefs. The cultural background can give a lot of information about a person.

Fairview – Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment Using CIWA-AR (25 mins)

In this professional activity, I learned how to care effectively for patients that are experiencing alcohol withdrawal. I was most intrigued by this activity because of the overall holistic and integrative medicine involved in the care of a patient with ETOH withdrawal. Utilizing the CIWA-AR tool to assess and manage patients, use benzodiazepines for treatment, and provide crucial education and therapy for the patient was discussed in detail.

Fairview – Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice (10 mins)

This professional activity provided by Fairview discussed the legal foundations that guide the professional practice of nursing. I learned professional standards of nursing practices and how to incorporate that into my routine.

Fairview – Nursing Practice Model & Care Delivery Model (2 hours)

In this professional activity, I learned Fairview’s dedication to integrated behaviors with the BASE of nursing practice and partnership-based health care. Using the professional practice and care delivery model ensures consistency in nursing care delivery and defines all nurses’ authority, autonomy, and accountability as they care for the patient population.

Fairview – Perioperative: Caring for Local Anesthesia Patient (10 mins)

Perioperative care interests me because of its involvement in educating patients. In this activity, I learned the preoperative nursing assessments collected, the frequency of assessments, the limits for local anesthetics, and symptoms/treatments for local anesthetic systemic toxicity.

Fairview – Pressure Injury Prevention 2020 (15 mins)

Fairview discussed the prevention of pressure injury. This training reiterated previous material learned in semester one of nursing school, such as the different types of pressure injuries, prevention techniques, pressure injury stages, and documentation.

Fairview – Elite Learning: Nurse Practitioner (1 hour)

In this professional activity offered by Elite Learning, Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald discussed the nurse practitioner career. This activity was essential to me because I hope to one day continue my education and career as a nurse practitioner. Dr. Fitzgerald provided information on
the NP profession’s history, the current scope of practice, and the current and future opportunities and challenges of the NP career. This gave me a better insight into the NP profession.

How does this apply to my future nursing career?

With new integrative technology, treatments, medical findings, diagnoses, etc., you will always be learning in the medical profession. This semester’s professional nursing activity requirement is an excellent exemplar of professional development in nursing: continuing education. Nearly every state requires nurses to earn a predetermined number of continuing education hours to maintain their professional licenses. Not only is it a requirement, but continuing education will increase my knowledge base, allow me to utilize my skills, knowledge, and abilities, and assist me in my professional development as an RN. This experience will prepare me as an RN.

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