NR 228 Week 5 (Assignments & Discussion)

NR 228 Week 5 RUA Nutritional Assessment (Team Project): Final PowerPoint Presentation Below:
NR 228 Week 5 RUA Nutritional Assessment (Team Project): Final PowerPoint Presentation
NR 228 Week 5 Nutritional Assessment Speaker Outline

To evaluate, compare, and analyze menus from different agencies and suggest revisions for healthier food choices based on the cultural and age group. Students in a cultural concentration will use that specific cultural focus to complete this assignment. Those students in a cultural concentration (such as the Hispanic concentration) should be grouped together for this assignment. However, should the groups be mixed, all need to complete the RUA for the students in the cultural concentration. Students will submit this assignment by Sunday of Unit 5.

Students in a cultural concentration will use that specific cultural Focus to complete this assignment. You will develop this Nutritional Assessment project addressing the population/culture in your area and another. ´or or example, if you are in the Hispanic concentration, your project might exam food choices in menus that are related to cultural preferences and traditions that contribute to the high rates of diabetes among Latinos. Acculturated Hispanic subcultures, while keeping traditional cultural values, may have migrated to American fast foods, which contribute to high obesity rates among that subculture.

NR 228 Week 5 Nutritional Assessment Speaker Outline

NR 228 Week 5 Discussion Question: Case Study Discussion

You are asked to see Mr. Basset, who is 80 years old, currently living alone, and has recently lost his wife. His children do not live nearby, but Mr. Basset sees them on holidays. Mr. Basset was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and has had an unexplained weight loss of 20 pounds in 3 months. He is getting chemotherapy as well as taking oral medication for hypertension and arthritis, and is showing signs of dehydration.

Mr. Basset reports that his wife did most of the cooking and he has limited cooking skills. He usually has cereal with milk and coffee for breakfast and soup for a second meal later in the day. He eats crackers throughout the day if he is hungry, but admits that he doesn’t have much of an appetite. In addition, Mr. Basset has ill-fitting dentures and claims that food just does not taste the same. He is also on a limited budget.

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