NR 340 Evolve Specialty Exam (ESE)

Instructions:   The contents on this guide are intended to help you organize your preparation for the Evolve Specialty Exam (ESE) for NR340.  This is not intended to serve as a direct reflection of the exact questions that will be presented in the exam.  As you review the topics listed below, be sure that you can
  1. understand the pathophysiology;
  2. identify the appropriate assessment skills;
  3. interpret the appropriate lab or other diagnostic findings;
  4. develop a safe and competent plan of care with rationale;
  5. associate the nursing implications with the appropriate medications or other treatments;
  6. teach the rationale for all the above; and
  7. prioritize especially r/t interventions and use of the nursing process.

Medication Calculations r/t IV (mg/min to ml/hour; mcg/ml, etc.)


Heart and Other Organ Transplant




Pancreas & Liver

Acute GI/GU/Renal 

Acute Endocrine Dysfunctions

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