NR 351 Week 7 Discussion: Informatics in Professional Nursing

Purpose: This week’s graded topics relate to the following Course Outcome (CO).

  • CO3: Demonstrate effective verbal, written, and technological communication using legal and ethical standards for transferring knowledge using success resources provided to Chamberlain students. (PO 3)
  • CO6: Relate application of the legal and ethical requirements of nursing laws and standards to patientcentered care and systems-based practice. (PO 6)
  • CO9: Demonstrate accountability for personal and professional development by assessing information and technology competence, implementing plans for upgrading technology skills, and using effective strategies for online student success using success resources provided to Chamberlain students. (PO 5)

The Assignment

How do you use informatics (not technology) in your nursing practice? What ethical issues have arisen or might arise from use of informatics in professional nursing?

What have you found difficult with informatics in healthcare today? Are there times when you feel it impedes your work? Think about the next 10 years, what changes do you envision? As a consumer in healthcare, how has informatics helped or not helped with your personal care?

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