NR 360 Unit 2 Assignment Using ATI Resources: Nurse’s Touch – Nursing Informatics and Technology Informatics

  1. Question: Which of the following support the integration of informatics into nursing practice to support safety in client care?(Select all that apply)
  2. Question:Which of the following legislative acts stipulate that clients be allowed to see and make corrections to their health care records?
  3. Question:Which of the following illustrates the integration of informatics into a health care system to support cost containment?
  4. Question:Which of the following illustrates the use of technology to improve communication with a client who is cognitively … ?
  5. Question:A health care facility recently opened a research department to collect and analyze data related to improved client outcomes. Which of the following examples represents integration of technology to support creation of scholarly knowledge?
  6. Question:Which of the following electronic resources should a nurse use to obtain clinical practice guidelines.
  7. Question:Which of the following uses of technology would constitute a violation of HIPAA?
  8. Question:A nurse off duty receives a photo on her cell phone from a fellow nurse who is at work.
  9. Question:The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services electronically reports specific quality outcomes.
  10. Question:A nurse needs to determine the use of technology as an assistive device to facilitate discharge for a client.

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