NR 360 Unit 2 Bundle: Assignments plus Discussion

NR-360 Unit 2 Assignment: Technology Presentation

NR 360 Unit 2 Assignment Using ATI Resources: Nurse’s Touch-Nursing Informatics & Technology Informatics

NR-360 Unit 2 Discussion: Database Search

Choose a topic related to health that has meaning to your personal health, interests, and well-being. This may be a disease, such as diabetes, or a healthy fitness activity.

Conduct a database search comparing one of the following database directories with Google Scholar:

  • CINAHL and Google Scholar
  • PubMed and Google Scholar

Explain how you were able to narrow down the number of article hits you had initially, and present within your post a summary of the credible article you chose as your resource. How do you know your article choice is credible? Which database do you prefer and why?

How will using a database search facilitate your

  • Scholarly work;
  • Nursing work (evidence-based practice); and
  • Personal self-development?

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