NR 390 Week 6 Course Project: Milestone 3

Prior to completing this template, carefully review Course Project Milestone 3 Guidelines paying particular attention to how to name the document and all rubric requirements. After saving the document to your computer, type your answers directly on this template and save again.

Assignment Criteria:

Type the statements into the boxes below. Use exact words spoken by each person.

  1. Student Introduction and Statement of Purpose
  2. Nurse Introduction
  3. Nurse States Verbal Permission for Interview and Submission


Primary Question #1:

  • What are some of your favorite memories of nursing school?
  • Follow-up a. What was your biggest fear as a student nurse?
  • Follow-up b. How did classmates or instructors impact your development as a nurse?

Primary Question #2:

How have you improved the quality of nursing practice during your career?
Follow-up a. How did you deal with conflict during your career?
Follow-up b. How did you teach a new nurse the importance of teamwork?

Primary Question #3:

What are some of your favorite memories as a unit nurse?
Follow-up a.What was your greatest struggle as a nurse?
Follow-up b. How did this impact you?

Primary Question #4:

How have you contributed to the profession of nursing and to nursing history?
Follow-up a.What qualities do you look for in a new nurse?
Follow-up b. How have you influenced new nurses to your passion of cardiac nursing?

Primary Question #5:

Who is your favorite nurse from nursing history?
Follow-up a. What contributions did that nurse bring to nursing?
Follow-up b.How has that nurse influenced your own nursing practice?


  • Gratitude
  • Learning

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