NR 391 Week 3 Course Project: Milestone 1 and Discussion

NR 391 Week 3 Course Project: Milestone 1 – Interviewee Profile Form

The purpose is to identify (and describe) an adult who is not a relative and who is willing to be interviewed and to secure your instructor’s approval of the interviewee for your official interview (Milestone 3).
Type your answers to the following questions using complete sentences and correct grammar, spelling, and syntax.

  1. Describe the interviewee: profession or career, culture of origin, and working phone number. Be specific. (20 points)
  2. State the number of years the interviewee has resided in your community. Please verify that the interviewee has been living in a culture other than the one of origin for at least the past 3–5 years. Provide a description of the current community. (20 points)
  3. Describe your relationship with the interviewee, such as friend, colleague, classmate, employee at local restaurant, healthcare worker, migrant worker, and so on. Describe the healthcare services that the interviewee has received in the current environment or community. (10 points)
  4. Enumerate reasons why you selected this interviewee that speak to the interviewee’s culture and experiences with the healthcare system. Be specific. (45 points)

NR 391 Week 3 Discussion Question: Healthcare Needs of a Specific Minority Group

Describe the healthcare needs of a minority group in your city or town.

  1. Briefly describe the characteristics of the minority group.
  2. What opportunities do you see for improving the health of this group?
  3. How would you communicate their healthcare needs to people of authority? Use titles instead of names to identify these individuals.
  4. What is the role of the BSN-prepared nurse in enhancing communication skills related to cultural needs of this minority population?

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